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a major mistake that people do in starting a business is they start the business without knowing anything or knowing little about business. that why many new businesses are broke. even businesses that are already running several years have been broke because of a bad event like economy changes. if you starting in business or your business in bad condition business development courses can help you. so it important to know how business development courses can change your business and knowing the right business courses to take. you will get the answer in here or “click to know” button
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Welcome to Self Improvement Ideas

hi there, welcome to my blog self improvement . in this site, we will give you the best ideas to improve yourself. our goal is to help people to change their own life.

we know in this era has much information that useless/false. so we will do the best to serve the ideas that really useful to you, we will serve the ideas that have an impact in your life.

we so passionate to serve the ideas-ideas that can help you in life. I want to congrats you because just a few people want to take action to change their life.

We usually updated our blog every day so make sure to stop by often and bookmark our site.

We have created several  most important ideas you should know below:

  • our fully exclusive business development courses page. in this page, we show you how business development courses can change your business and give you tips to choose best business development courses

  • if you have a trouble with leading people? maybe you not understand something. so in this leadership development pages will give 3 ideas that every leader should understand.

  • self-improvement books page. this page offers you the best books to read. also, you can get information about how powerful reading is.

  •  self improvement page will give you how to have an explosive growth and information you must know about self improvement

The Power of Ideas

as you know, the goals of this site is to change people with ideas. so is important to know how ideas can change a life. so in a video below Jim Rohn will share his experience about simple ideas that change his life.

from a video above you know Mr. Earl Shoaff give Jim Rohn the ideas that make him change his philosophy. So, we can change our life by changed the way we thinking. that the power of ideas.

Sharing Ideas

I already learn many ideas from many success coaches in a video, book , audio books, and courses. So I will share 7 best ideas that have a big impact in my life.

1.Pay Attention to Little Things (Anthony robbins)

success and failure are not a giant event. you don’t just suddenly became successful or suddenly have  a bad event that makes you fail. it may look that way but failure  came to all little things. its failure to make a call ,its failure to apologize, failure to check a book and all those little failures ,day after day, come together. until a one-day bad event happens and many people blame that.

a bad event happens because you missed all the little stuff. likewise a success. success is having a vision , success is having a great plan to grow , success is having enough emotion to make a way. success is not an overnight event


2.Increase Your Value  (Jim Rohn)

in all job, we don’t get paid for the time. we get paid for our value that put in the time. if we increased our value twice, is that possible to get twice much money in the same time? the answer is a yes. so to get more money at the same time is simply becomes more valuable to the marketplace.

3.Someone Opinions are not Your Reality (less brown)

many people do not give all their true potential because they have bad labeled. they labeled by other people that they stupid, losers , garbage. so there  a story from less brown that really inspired me. when less brown 5  grade.

he was be labeled as mental retarded and one day there is a teacher that change his life. when less brown waiting his friend and he meet the teacher. and the teacher said

teacher: “young man, go to the board and write what I am about to tell you!”

less brown: “I can’t sir because I am not one of your students

teacher: it doesn’t matter, just follow my directions

less brown : I can’t sir

teacher: why not ?

less brown: because I mentally retarded

teacher: don’t ever say that again!!, someone opinion of you does not have become your reality

in the process to make your dream into reality. you will get a lot of failures, a lot of disappointment, a lot of pain but in a process, you will realize that you have a greatness within you. you are greater than circumstances that you don’t have through life as a victim.


4 don,t quit (Brian Tracy)

most people quit after they failed. they try something new and failed for the first time after that they quit and try something new again and again

nothing work in the first time, when you try something new is probably don’t work even you try several times. so decides to make a try at least 5 or 10 times before you pass judgment.

there only two things in trying, you succeed or failed. if you succeed you will do it more of it and if you failed you learns from it, so try it again you will be better.


5.Forms a Good Habit (Brian Tracy)

Aristoteles say 95% of everything you do is the result of habit. so forms a good habit that has good impact and makes them your master rather than allowing bad habit to form. brian say good habits are hard to form but easy to live with and bad habits are easy to form but hard to live it. so keep your good habit and replace your bad habits with good habits.


 6.Be Truly Fulfilled (Anthony robbins)

most people want to be entrepreneurs because they think is that the sexy things and that the answer they need. Michael Gerber said most young businesses often fail because most people are not really entrepreneurs but they think that’s what they should be.

what I trying to say is what is it that can truly fulfill you? what is it will give you extraordinary life on your term, not somebody else term.

The Three Gifts:

  • the talent

    are you the talent that can produce something that no one else produces as a skill, a product , a service.

  • manager/leader

    are you good at management, you really know how to manage or lead people?

  • entrepreneurs

    are you the entrepreneur that can take that gigantic gut-load of risks. they can create the vision and can attract the talent , manager , and leader that you need.

you may have all three abilities but which one that can truly fulfill you the most? that can make you have a high-quality of life.


7 Never Complain (Jim Rohn)

many people love to blame the company, government, and many things because something bad happens. in the past, I love to blame situations if I failed to do something until I hear an awesome advice from Jim Rohn. he said ” is not what happen that determine the major of your future. what happens, happen to us.”

that sentence makes me realize that the key is what you do about it, not blame the situation. we can’t change  circumstances but we can change what we will do.

Apply Your Ideas

Ideas are powerful but if you do not apply/use the ideas, you can’t change anything. You can change your life because what you do. So apply the ideas to change your own life

a simple idea can inspire, motivate and produce change -leizee gurl.

offline source: How to Have Your Best Year Ever by Jim rohn DVD

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